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You've spent countless hours waiting for the invitation to enhance your life and you haven't found the strength to invite yourself. You wait for someone else to invite you, but you're growing older now and the invite hasn't come yet and you have to realize it probably won't.
As individuals I believe we all try to find a comfort zone. It is easier to cling onto something we know, enclose ourselves within a box, or hide behind a mask than it is to engage in the unknown. I believe that when we do this, it is only a matter of time until our world will break apart and cast us much farther into a crevice of the unknown.
Hiding away in a box all your life is no way to live and it is time to decide, do you carry your vulnerabilities with you or do you cut those ties that slow your progress down.
As the small problems in your life begin to grow and you've kept them sealed away from your public persona it is time to take action. The tears, the doubt, the vulnerabilty that you hide within yourself must be addressed.
Your life is filled with problems and conflicts, As a relief your mind is caught up in a dreamworld and it is only an empty fascade that you show to the public. You sit upon an opening that is expanding and you know that you and your dreams are about fall.