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Red Bar
Country Montage
Pencil Illustration
An illustration that I completed in the mid 1980's. This was an illustration that was planned as part of country music bar and restaurant, but was never used.
" JUDD "
Pencil Illustration
This was illustrated in the mid 1980's for a person from Columbus, Ohio. She had hoped to make prints of the illustration and sell them to members of a fan club, however she was never able to make contact with the right people.
Cracked Taco
Pen and Ink
Illustration for a local tavern to advertise their taco nights in the early 1980's.
CC and Tonic
" CC and TONIC "
Pen and Ink
An illustration that was done sometime in the early eighties just for the fun of it.
Hunting Partners
Pen and Ink
Another pen and ink drawing that was done in the early 1980's. I was thinking of my young son at the time and it's a great pleasure now to see that he loves hunting and the great outdoors.
Another illustration for my own enjoyment.
Bear It
Pen and Ink
A pen and ink illustration that I finished in the early 1980's. Can't remember the reason for it, I guess I was just messing around a bit.
Pen and Ink
Another pen and ink illustration. My wife had a pet fox that she named Rusty when she was little so I thought that I would draw one for her.
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